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Demand assessment
Assessing the demand for new products or services is always fraught with uncertainty and this uncertainty brings with it a level of risk. Environmetrics uses a range of techniques to manage this risk. We developed our proprietary tools "HomeZone" and "MarketFramer" for use in those areas such as urban development where it is important to discover how much people are really willing to pay for the specific features of a design. In recent months we have been working with two major universities to assess the demand for new courses. In this context we have been using risk modelling to answer questions about the best, worst and most likely outcomes.

Understanding the value of your investment in research
When one invests in market research, one is entitled to expect that the research that is provided will be of the highest possible standard. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. We have a long history of providing our clients with help in assessing the value of their investment. For example, for over a decade we have worked with the peak body, Commercial Radio Australia, as auditor for the radio ratings surveys. Twice this year we have been in Malaysia providing the same support to the peak body in that country, Commercial Radio Malaysia.

Consultancy services

  • Market profile and segmentation

  • Concept tests advertising, housing, retail, hospitality, leisure

  • Program evaluation social marketing, public programs

  • Social trend analysis housing, retail and leisure

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Service evaluation

  • Visitor studies

  • User studies for masterplanning

  • Market catchment profiles

  • Exhibition evaluation front end and summative

  • Feasibility studies leisure, tourism and recreation venues

  • Auditing research programs

  • Community and stakeholder consultation

  • Document testing

  • Functional analysis retail and service outlets

  • Economic and social value assessment

  • Social impact studies

  • Marketing strategies
  • Since 1993, Environmetrics has been the Audience Survey Auditor, acting on behalf of Commercial Radio Australia to monitor the quality of the radio ratings surveys.

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